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15 Must Have College Makeup Essentials

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Teenagers are more concerned about the latest fashion and  trends. They keep an eye on what are the fascinating things happening when it comes to fashion and makeup. Each and every college going girl makes sure that she goes to the college in the prettiest way. She buys and keeps a lot of beauty and makeup products in her kit so that she can use them accordingly. But, what is the point in buying and stocking up things which are not even needed?


Among the many makeup essentials available in the market, some of them are like very much needed or the must haves in your makeup kit. Here is a list of 15 must have college makeup essentials in your beauty kit. Have a keen look at your kit to ensure that you own these to look the best while you go to college. So, here is the list.




A  Cleanser is one of the most important things that you need in your makeup kit. Before getting ready for college, make sure that you apply the cleanser and remove the impurities. You face will have a lot of dust particles and your pores will be closed. Let it breathe in some fresh air so that it takes in a lot of oxygen and it makes your skin look fresh and glowing. Make sure that you clean your face with a cleanser at least thrice a week.




Always make sure that your beauty kit holds a good moisturizer that can pamper your skin and body. Apply the body lotion on your body just after the shower to make it soft and supple the whole day. It will be an added advantage if your body lotion has SPF protection as well so that your skin is protected against the harmful UV rays.


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Too much of exposure of the skin will get you a dull skin. So, it is important to give some pampering to your skin. Exfoliators help in removing the dead cells, making your skin more glowing. So, it should be adding you a prettier face gurl!


BB Stick


A bb stick is yet another essential. It gives you a complete makeup look without overdoing it. Since it has a a foundation as well, it will give you a perfect skin tone and makeup feel. So, it is a must have in your kit.


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Since adolescent age has so many issues related to pimples and blemishes, a lot of marks will be decorating your beautiful face. Avoid all of them using a concealer. Hide all your black spots and marks and dark circle as well. It helps in giving you an even skin tone.




Since you are a college going girl, you are likely to get your skin tanned or maybe you might get a pale skin. So, it will be great if you use a Bronzer. It helps in giving you a dark complexion subtly. Take a shade that is two times darker than your complexion. Do it on the cheeks during the daylight.




Foundation would be an exception for every day. You can use it when there is a function at the college. But, it can be an essential product in your kit. Use the right shade suitable for the skin.




Do that for making your skin more highlighted and for a great look. It can either make your cheek look a little plump or it can make your cheek a little lower. It depends on the color of the blush you use and also the way you apply.


Compact Powder


Compact Powder can be used every day after applying cream on your face. If you are using BB cream, then slightly dab the powder as a touching. Or if it is an oily skin, make sure that you have applied the powder evenly all on the face and neck.


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Eye Liner


Eye Liner can be used every day to highlight the beauty of your eyes. Draw the lines perfectly to enlarge your eyes. You can try different styles of highlighting including the cat eye as well. Work on your eyes girls.




Use mascara to get perfect lashes. It broadens your eyes, making it more beautiful. It is a must have in your makeup kit for all those girls who love their eyes.


Eye Pencil


If your brows are not so dark or thick, try drawing them with an eye pencil and make it longer and darker. It gives your face a great impact. It is an essential product in our makeup kit.


Nail Polish


Apply nail polish on your nails, so that it looks beautiful. a colorless paint will also be fine so that it gives a natural feel as well.


Lip Balm/Lipstick


A lip balm or a lipstick is also essential for highlighting your lips. A lip balm will be a good choice rather than a lipsticks. Use any of the shades of your choice from Maybelline baby lips collections. They are super cool for you girls.


Perfume/Deo Spray
Last but not the least, a good smelling perfume or any deo spray is a must have. You can use them a couple of times in a day to make yourself feel fresh all the time.

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