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I am Parinaaz Mehta, the editor and the owner of this blog. I started this blog in 2013 as a hobby and passion for makeup and beauty. I like to test products, review them so that every potential reader knows which product they should invest. I am a 29 yr. old Economist(PhD) student by profession and blogging is now a full time hobby. Apart from blogging, I also take  interest in photography, reading, eating and wasting time(just kidding).

Skin type : Acne/ sensitive/ oily 

Skin Color : Fair with neutral undertones( warm as well as cool)

Hair : Natural brown with waves and curls/ dry and frizzy

Featured as one of top 50 beauty blogs in India by Rebeatzone


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Some Facts About me

  1. I love all colours, except for yellow.
  2. I hate and stay away from malice.
  3. I have tiny feet, often, I face a problem while buying footwear 🙁
  4. I don’t wear makeup, the only product I use is a concealer.
  5. I love sleeping, listening to old songs, reading and blogging, watching tv and films.
  6. I love reading genres of  fiction, history and  mythology.. so a mythological tv show grabs my attention.
  7. I often zone out listening to someone talking. If the talk does not interest me, i just zone out.
  8. I am a day dreamer.
  9. I do not have filters, I speak what comes to my mind good or bad.
  10. I don’t have a sweet tooth.
  11. I am a sucker of lipsticks, so a way to my heart is by gifting me a lipstick (i think flowers are a waste of money).
  12. I often get complimented for my skin colour (We Parsis are blessed with a pale skin and long nose).


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