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Anna Andre Acetone Free Nail Enamel Remover With Vitamin E Review

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It’s almost been a week that i have not updated my blog, so here I am with a new review. The Product that i will be reviewing today is The Anna Andre Acetone Free Nail Enamel Remover with Vitamin E, sounds interesting!!! Right?. Its not only interesting but a product worth the purchase.

Product Details

Product Description

Nourish your nails simultaneously while removing nail polish with our vitamin E enriched nail polish remover.

Price: Rs 79



How to use:  With a few drops of the product, over a cotton ball, cover your nail with the cotton ball, and rub it gently after a few seconds.

My Take on the Product.

I got this product along with one of my fab bags. I am really thankful to fab bag for getting me introduced to some really good brands. The Anna Andre Nail Enamel remover comes in a small glass bottle with a black cap. The nail enamel is blue in colour. The bottle is really sturdy and can be use while travelling.





This is the first time i am using an acetone free nail enamel remover. It does have a  smell similar to the acetone one, but slightly less of it, does not irritate your nose. The Nail Enamel is infused with Vitamin E -is what the product claims. I am really happy to say that the product truly does what it claims. The Vitamin E protects the nails from getting chipped and turning white while removing the nail polish. The Nail polish remover that comes  with acetone turns your nails brittle and yellow. This acetone free nail enamel  remover  is hardens your nail while removing the nail polish. The only hitch here is that removing the nail polish that has 2 to 3 coats is a little difficult as you have to rub it hard, since its acetone free. I guess this should not a problem to not use the product. If you see in long term nail enamel removers that are acetone are the best for nails in long run. They promote nail growth, reduces yellowness and helps harden nails.


  1. Acetone Free
  2. Mild Smell
  3. Affordable and travel friendly
  4. Easily available
  5. Hardens Nails and protects them from getting chipped
  6. Does Not leave a white film like Acetone 


  1. Will not remove the nail enamel instantly



Final Verdict : An affordable, sturdy and travel friendly acetone free nail enamel remover. Hardens nails and protects them from turning yellow.

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