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Avon Face and Eye Makeup Remover Review

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Hi lovelies in today’s post i am going to review the Avon face and eye makeup remover.


Product Details, Description & Ingedients



Price: INR 299 for 75ml

My Take on the Product

The Avon Face and Eye Makeup remover comes in a white translucent bottle, so you can actually see the liquid being used every time. The bottle has a  flip flop cap, which helps in pouring the liquid as much as you want, saves a lot of wastage.




The liquid is just like water has a runny consistency and smells acetone type. The makeup remover looks has an oily texture. The Oily texture is very useful in getting make up out from skin, you don’t really have to rub the cotton along your skin, just a little dabbing too helps in removing make up. This makeup remover has really helped for me, especially as I have very delicate and loose eyelids, even a little bit of rubbing leads to eyes soring and going red. The makeup remover efficiently removes heavy make up with a lot of ease. The only thing that can irritate you the oily feel it leaves on your face. So after using this makeup remover, you must wash your face so as to get rid of the oily slippery feeling. This is an ideal makeup remover for dry skinned beauties, not that oily skinned beauties cannot use. The oily texture really gives an ease for removing makeup. I really love this this makeup remover, but the only part I do not like is the  oily  texture and slippery feeling, I am really looking out for a makeup remover that has a toner or astringent properties. The makeup remover does not cause breakouts or rather rashes or any kind of skin allergy.


1. Easily Available and affordable

2. Removes all kinds of makeup easily

3. Best for delicate eyelids

4. Does not cause breakouts

5. Ophthalmologically test


I personally do not like the  oily feel

Rating 4/5

Overall Verdict: A makeup remover is a must in every in your vanity, this is a good makeup remover for beginners.


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