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Avon Imari Seduction Luxurious Skin Softener Review

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Hello lovelies! Today I will be reviewing the Avon Imari Seduction Luxurious Skin Softener, which I have been using since a very long time. I personally like the concept of a perfumed body softner cream. It not only keeps your skin moisturized but also, keeps the fragrance intact throughout the day. I got this product a year back, but I use quite often in small amounts.

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Product Details

Description :  Pamper skin with a floral bouquet, enhanced with incense and musk and highlighted with hints of spice.Softens rough spots such as dry elbows and knees etc. Spreads easily and leaves no greasy after feel. 

Price : Rs 250 for 150ml

Ingredients :

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My Take on the Product.

The skin softner comes in a purple plastic jar, when i  bought this product a year back it was in a purple colour jar, now I believe it now comes in a deep maroon pink color. The softner is a thick white coloured cream.


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The cream is water based, so you won’t feel greasy or buttery. I love creams with water base, they blend really well and give a clean feel to your skin.

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The cream has a divine fragrance with the hint of spices and musk. To be honest, I got this cream only because i was in love with its the fragrance. After using it, I felt that it’s an amazing skin softener too. If you have rough elbows ,dry knees, then it will show effective results in keeping them soft.  It also keeps your skin hydrated and fresh all throughout the day. The fragrance stays on the skin till the next day. If you are allergic to perfumes then these kinds of body softeners are the best option. I bought this product through an Avon representative. Most avon products are available online.

You can this product from here


  1. Amazing Fragrance
  2. Fragrance stays throughout the day.

  3. Non Greasy

  4. Keeps your skin fresh and hydrated

  5. Easily Available

  6. Affordable.


Nothing so far

Rating: 5/5

Overall verdict: If you are allergic to perfumes, then these perfumed body softeners are the best option. They keep you fresh the whole, but also keep skin soft and hydrated. This one is affordable too.





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