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Banjara’s AloeVera Moisturizing Gel Review

Hello beautiful people! After a long time I got to lay my hands on an aloe vera gel and today I am going to review the Banjara’s aloe vera moisturizing gel. I have always been on a lookout for a good aloe vera gel that keeps the skin soft, acne at bay, reduces tan and brightens skin tone.

Product Details


Banjara’s Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel has vitamins that are the best moisturizers for your skin. The gel keeps your skin flexible by providing oxygen.It improves synthesis and strengthens the skin tissue giving it glow and smoothness.It also removes dead skin cells and decreases the intensity of pigmentation; lightening the dark spots on the face at the same time.


INR 85



 My take on the product

 This is the first aloe vera gel that I have purchased for myself. I got this from To begin with, the aloe vera gel comes in a green plastic tube.






The gel has a thick consistency and has a refreshing fragrance which I completely love. The gel is light green in color and is absolutely non-greasy. It feels like applying water on face. What I like about this gel is that it gets absorbed intthe skin quickly.



I refrigerate this gel and then apply it on my face; after application, it moisturizes the skin and keeps its really soft. I expected the gel to brighten the skin tone, reduce red spots, pigmentation, acne and acne marks but it fails to do this. I observed that I developed some mild whiteheads after its use. And hence, this aloe vera gel is definitely not for oily and acne prone skin. It will best suit beauties with dry and normal skin.


     1.Light and non greasy.

     2. Affordable and easily available.

     3.  Refreshing Fragrance.

     4.  Keeps the skin moisturized and soft throughout the day.


     1.Does not work on acne and oily skin.

     2. The excess application can lead to breakouts.

 Rating: 3/5

 Overall verdict:

I expect an aloe Vera gel to be a multipurpose one, but this gel only moisturizes skin and keeps it soft. It is definitely not for oily skin. People with dry and normal skin will find it effective.



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