Beauty is Skin Deep

Beauty is Skin Deep: Meet The Brownie Baker- Alysson B Sopher

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Hello, all!!! I was thinking of doing something special for you guys apart from product review and makeup. After a lot of thinking,  I decided, why not meet and interview some people who have a passion, which makes them happy and they find it really therapeutic. I have started a new section on my blog called “Features”, a theme based section. The first theme is based section is  “Beauty is skin deep”, to put in simple words, looking good is not important as feeling good is. To feel good one has to know what their passion is, what is that one thing you can do even if you are not paid, what is that one thing you can do even when you are dead tired, one thing that brings a smile on your face and makes you feel pretty powerful.

The first pretty powerful lady, that I have interacted and an interview is Alysson B Sopher, who is a 23 yrs old Home Baker, from Mumbai and her baking speciality is “Brownies”. The word “Brownie” brings a wide smile and a glow to her face. To know more about her passion.. read the interview…


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1. Tell the readers something about yourself

I am Alysson B Sopher a 23 years old  BBA Graduate from Kingston University, London. I am born and brought in Mumbai. I currently reside in Mumbai, Versova along with my parents. My parents are fitness consultants. I have lived four years of my life in Oman, was studying at an Indian School there after which I went to London to pursue my Bachelor Of Business Administration from Kingston University. After my graduation Icame back to Mumbai and started working. Initially, i was interning a with Ogilvy and Mather, but now I am working with an eCommerce startup. I also take a keen interest in areas such as Brand Management and Global Marketing for FMCG Products especially food brands.

2.  Tell us something about your passion for baking ” Brownies”, When did you discover your love for it, how do you do go about baking and Why bake only “Brownies”?

My love for baking started at the age of 10. I baked my first cake that time and after that, it was completely unstoppable. It’s not only baking, i also love to develop recipes and savoury stuff. I do not need to brainstorm ideas come to me anytime, anywhere. Inspiration is everywhere.  There is no specific reason  to choose brownies.  When I started baking brownies, people who have tasted them have given me positive feedback. Brownies is an American dessert that everyone loves to eat. You will seldom find someone not liking brownies. I believe in rustic cooking. What really matters is the taste not the decoration. The look of rustic cooking gives such a warm welcoming homespun feel. You feel comfy as if eating at your own home. I also hope to venture out into Cheesecakes and puddings.

3. Why have you named your venture ” Leela’s love”?

Well!!!! My grandmother’s name is  Leela. She is the best (fantastic)cook that I have known and is also my biggest inspiration. It is her love for cooking that inspires me to cook and bake. Even at this age is so enthusiastic and is always ready to give inputs. No one can beat her excitement. You ask her how to make a jelly or a cake better, she will have these flow of ideas. Since I  have got this passion for baking and cooking from her. I decided to name my venture as “Leela’s Love.

4. How do you take orders for Brownies ?

Currently, I take orders for Brownies under the name Leela’s Love.  Anyone who wants to order can get in touch with via email. I have an account

Leela’s Love on Twitter 

Leela’s Love on Facebook 

Leela’s Love on Instagram

5. How many types of brownies do you bake?

I bake about 21-22 types of brownies, with different flavours and filling. Some of my best selling brownies are

1.Granola BrowniesGranola 1

2. Rice Krispy Brownies

Rice Krispy

3. Rocky Road Brownies

Rocky Road

 4.Mocha-Protein Brownies (Low Fat)

Mocha Protein

 5. Peanut-Butter-Protein

Peanut Butter Protein

6. People who inspire you

  •  My Grandmother
  • Nigella Lawson
  • Lorraine Pascale
  • Rachel Allen
  • Manuela Kjeilen
  •  The Fabulous Baker Brothers(Tom n Henry Herbert)

7. Your Favourite Dishes

  • Granny’s Chicken Curry
  • Moshe’s Baked Philadelphia Cheesecake
  • Aunty’s Fried Chicken,
  • Butter Chicken,
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes at Toujours.

8. What advice would you like to give my readers?

I feel that if you have an inner fire or burning desire for something, go and pursue it. What makes you beautiful is not the outer beauty, but your inner beauty or the zest for pursuing your passion.

So guys don’t you think, this young lady is a complete inspiration for all of us. I told her that I adore and find people who cook and bake really sexy and creative (find me a partner like this Aly). Since I only eat and not cook, I really respect people who have a  passion for cooking and baking.Hope you guys enjoyed this small interview. Please go and order some lovely homemade brownies by Alysson. If a non-sweet tooth lover like me can love brownies, those who have a sweet tooth will go crazy. You can get in touch with her via email or social media.

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  1. 21 -22 types of brownies, OMG
    you need to put up all the recipes
    Pooja Mittal recently posted…Street Chic-Sequin Leggings Crop TopMy Profile

  2. parinaazmehta says:

    Pooja you must order them, the best part is that they taste and don’t get spoilt. They are so yummy !!!!!!

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