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Being Healthy the Raw Pressery Way: First Impression of one day deep cleansing

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The story of being healthy and fit is every person’s dream as well as a nightmare. Dream because every individual wants to look  ripped and well in shape and nightmare is the pain and struggle one has to go through to achieve it. The road to success in work and in being healthy has no short cuts, no pain no gain. Fitness and a well-toned body are achieved by  having the right diet and regular exercising. Most of exercising regime only happens in thoughts and mind….most of time procrastinated :P. With busy work schedules and travelling which kills most of our energy, some of us have no diet and most of the time we keep dumping food whenever possible. A few days back I had so much of food at home, at a friend’s place after some time I actually felt something is wrong with my stomach,I had a difficulty in sitting properly. All I wanted was to laze around  and sleep. Though, I am thin, I started feeling heavy and clogged from within. I finally decided to go on a detox that’s when I remembered Raw Pressery. My best friend had  introduced to me Raw Pressery, have tried one of the juices before which was really energizing and refreshing. 

Today’s post is about the One-Day Cleanse and Detox with Raw Pressery Juices.

Raw Pressery
One-Day Cleanse package of 6 bottles L-R: Trim, Love, Flush, Sheild, Glow, Lean

About Raw Pressery

It’s as simple as a bottle of cold pressed juices. But not just any bottle of juice. At RAW Pressery, they have a team of nutritionists, dieticians and medical experts to create our juices. They conduct sensory evaluations and lab tests to create juices that not only solve your daily needs, but taste refreshing as you go about doing them. And they deliver fresh juice right to your doorstep, every morning.

Cold-press technology is a modern answer to more traditional methods such as centrifugal juicers, where heat from the blade essentially ‘cooks’ the juice, killing almost all of its nutrients.

Cold-press technology takes tons of produce and gently applies pressure, squeezing and extracting a fine mix of pulp and juice. Our juices are loaded with an incredible amount of nutrients, that can be easily absorbed by your body. Even better, cold-press allows us to keep our juices clean of all the bad stuff, like preservatives, flavours, chemicals and more.

Raw Pressery was launched, by Anuj Raykan in January 2014, and has already sold over 85,000 bottles of juice to over 2,500 customers. Raykan claims they will break even within this year itself.

Raw Pressery offers different packages from starter, to cleansing packages (1-3 days), monthly packages. You can customize the juices you want as per your needs.

My Experience

Among the cleansing packages, there is a light cleanse and a deep cleanse package. I selected the one day deep cleanse. I received 6 bottles of cold pressed juices. These juices are blend of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are supposed to be consumed after every 2/2.5 hours. I placed the order on Sunday, hence my juices arrived on Tuesday early morning at around 6.50am. The timing to have juices is  mentioned on them, so i decided to follow the as suggested by Raw Pressery.

The first bottle of juice I had at round 9/9.15 am was Trim. It had blend fresh green coloured fruits and vegetables. The only thing that I got scared of is “Dhoodi”. I just hate dhoodi, but I conceived myself to have it. Let me tell you, all though the green colour gives a medicinal feel, the juice completely it’s opposite. It tastes really yummy and refreshing. The dash on ginger and lemon is yummy. 


After finishing this bottle, I was wondering how does cleansing happen, in the meantime, i got nature’s call and believe me, I felt like PIKU’s father “MOTION SE HI EMOTION JUDA HAI”. I avoided any solid food intake for this one day. It’s very difficult for me to stay away from food. Being a true blue Parsi, I needed some heavy breakfast, but i completely avoided and religiously took up the liquid diet.

Second juice that I guzzled down was LOVE.  In all senses this bottled has been truly named love. It is Love at first sight….rather love at first sip. The Chia Seeds are cheery on the cake. The combination of pomegranate, watermelon along with mint is flush of energy and freshness. The Chia seeds are well known for their cleansing properties.


Before I had this drink, was getting hunger pangs. After drinking this juice my hunger subsided.  Again, i got a nature’s call for 2nd cleansing. This time my bladder was like a running faucet.  I guess the cleansing purpose was being fulfilled. This was my favourite from the lot.

The third juice I consumed was Flush. I had tasted this before also, what i love the most about this juice is  that meant more flushing toxins  from the system by cleaning the liver. I really like hit of spice ginger gives in the end. As predicted i visited my washroom for the 3rd time in the day. I felt a little heavy after having this bottle.


After the 3rd Juice I was feeling heavy and felt like throwing up. But I still pushed myself to this, i went ahead with the Fourth juice Shield.  This was my least favourite juice not because of the ingredients, but it was too sour and maybe the previous juice hangover effect was there. I had this juice a little late. Somehow i had it and finished the bottle. Not to forget, the ritual of passing motions and emptying the bladder was on.


The Fifth juice I had was GLOW. This Juice was the lightest of all the lot. The juice has a combination of cucumber, coconut water and Aleo Vera which is extremely good for skin and hair. Lemon adds a nice tangy taste to the juice. I love this one too. It tastes so tangy, light and refreshing and is also easy to finish off.


Coming to the final bottle which I had at sharp 9.30pm. The Juice is called LEAN, again dark green in colour. Among all the juices i had, this was sweet in taste and easy to gulp down.


My experience with this one day cleansing has been statisfying enough. I really like they way juices cleanse the digestive system. Although it’s my first impression on the one day cleanse, I can conclude is that a one detox really makes you feel lighter and ready to bounce back. We eat and eventually dump so many things in our system, a one day juice diet really helps  unwinding things. I feel  better from within and I am able to eat properly after the one day detox.

I guess a 3 days cleanse would give better and evident results. 

For all those looking to detox healthier way, Raw Pressery is an excellent start.

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  1. I surely need these juices in my life to get healthy and fit
    Pooja Mittal recently posted…Health Benefits of PedicureMy Profile

    1. parinaazmehta says:

      Try them they will clean your gut and digestive system

  2. Nice review!! I wonder if they have started selling the same in delhi..
    urvi recently posted…Forever New Haul: What has rain got to do with shopping?My Profile

    1. parinaazmehta says:

      Urvi they sell in delhi. You can check their website

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