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Biotique Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner with Himalayan Waters Review

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Today I am going to review a pore tightening product from my skincare essentials. The product is Biotique’s Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner with Himalayan Waters. It was actually an impulse buy. A few months ago I went to a local beauty store which has a Biotique counter. This toner was on the display. It looked so lucrative that I could not check myself from getting it. I am using it for quite some time now. I will be presenting this toner’s effectiveness from my mid 20’s oily and acne prone skin’s perspective. So, let’s read to know how it works for me.


According to Biotique, “Cucumber is one of natures greatest cooling and purifying plants with many health benefits.”

Why should this be in your kitty?

  1. Other than cucumber this refreshing, pore tightening and purifying toner is enriched with nutgalls, berberry, coriander, peppermint oil and Himalayan fresh waters.
  2. It balances the ph level of the skin
  3. It claims to purify the skin


Price: Rs.149 for 120 ml

Shelf Life: 36 months from the date of packaging

How to Use: First cleanse your skin with a cleanser that matches your skin’s needs. Pour out some toner in a cotton round or a cotton pad. Even a soft washcloth will do if you run out of cotton pads. Gently swipe the cotton over your entire face and neck. Let it absorb into the skin for 3-4 minutes and then continue with the rest of your skincare routine.


Packaging/Availability: The Biotique toner comes in a translucent white plastic bottle with deep green screw-cap. The bottle is packed inside a cardboard box. Both the box and the bottle mention all the important information like ingredients list, usage, claims and the expiry date. So, if the outer packaging gets misplaced; you would still be able to see the details.



Colour: The cucumber water toner is pale green in colour.

Texture: It is a liquid toner which has a watery consistency.

Fragrance: It has mild cucumber fragrance that seems strong as I first pour on the cotton pad. I do not know why but it reminds me of strong astringent.

Suitability: According to the details provided by the brand, the Biotique is for normal to oily skin which seems perfectly correct to me. Dry or sensitive skinned ones would find the formula strong.  

Effectiveness: I use the Biotique toner twice a day after cleansing my face with my facial cleanser. I like to use cotton rounds for applying this. Immediately after application, it gives a cooling effect. The more it evaporates, the stretchy my face feels. When my face dries out completely, I apply some moisturiser. Sometimes my mom uses this one to remove hair colour stains from her skin.This toner makes pores appear smaller temporarily. This is a pro for me as I do not have very large pores and it works well on my slightly larger than normal pores.  The formula is pretty strong, just like an astringent lotion. For my extremely oily skin this does not cause any problem in the summer when the weather is hot but in the colder months, it dries my skin a bit. Overall I find this cucumber-based toner as a good buy for my summer skin care.

RATING: 4.75/5


I will suggest the Biotique toner somebody who wants a budget-friendly toner to cleanse the pores of his/her extremely oily and acne prone skin.


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  1. Thank you so much for the review… I wanted this for so long to see whether it will help my acne.. I think I’ll give it a go..
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