Vega Blush Brush Review

  GUEST REVIEW BY SREEPARNA GANGULY One principle of having a good base makeup is to give dimensions to the face properly otherwise the face looks flat. That is where blushes and contour products come handy. These products are generally too pigmented to apply with the fingertips. A good brush is a must-have to ensure … Continue Reading

Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover Review

A good makeup can change the way you a look, but a good makeup remover can save your skin from a lot of damage. Having a makeup remover is a must even if you apply one makeup product. The whole point of having a makeup remover is that at the end of the day all … Continue Reading

Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes + Video Review

Hello People!!!!! Hope you liked my first video which was the October Fab Bag Review. I am still new to vlogging and trying my best to improve with each video. Now some of you might be wondering why do i need start a video tutorial. Sometimes products that come in bundles are diificult to be reviewed through … Continue Reading