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How to Dress up for Work during summers

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Summers makes it difficult for most working women to choose outfits. Well! most corporate offices have a dress code or some have some conservative environment where you cannot really explore with style and comfort. I am enlisting some Indian ethnic outfits  from that i think will work for almost all working days  as well as casual day out.

For summers, it’s best to go for bright and pastel colours as they help in keeping body temperature normal and also absorb less of heat.

Always choose colours like blue and green or a print type which makes you looks good as well helps in beating up the summer heat. You can pair these kurtas with white leggings so that it goes in contrast with it. 

India Rush 3

india Rush 1

india rush 5

Nothing can beat the combination of palazzos and kurta. They also look very formal and stylish at the same time.

Do log into to opt for stylish yet simple outfits for daily as well as working days.

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  1. Parinaaz Mehta you are very gorgeous. I love your style 🙂 🙂

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