Egg Honey Mask – Hair Spa At Home

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Egg-Honey Mask- Hair Spa At Home
Every Girl wants her hair to have good shine, feel soft,dandruff free; it’s not possible to keep in a good condition with the sudden change in climate, food habits, work stress and pollution. We sought to all sorts of treatments, which claim to improve the quality of hair, but in the end most treatments are chemical based, so it’s not safe to depend on these treatments.                       
 I have straight hair with Waves and curls in the end of hair strands. I have tried all sorts of expensive Shampoos and conditioners but none have worked for me. So I finally decided to Try natural remedies. One of the remedies that I tried to regain the natural The moisture of the hair is the Egg and Honey Mask; you can use curd also, but Suffer from sinus so whenever I apply curd on my hair I land up with a Headache.
  • One Egg (I use the both yellow and an egg white portion of the egg)
  • One table Spoon Honey (Make sure Honey is in its natural form and not adulterated for best results.
  • One Lime (to get rid of dandruff and the egg smell)
(You can use the above ingredients as per your hair length)
Method of Application
Take a bowl, break the egg using its egg yellow and white part, add a tablespoon of honey and squeeze lime in the mixture. Beat all the 3 ingredients properly, till all mixed well and there is no egg smell. Section your hair and start applying the mixture onto your evenly. After you apply the whole mixture on your hair, cover your hair with a  shower cap for 30 to 45mins. Wash your hair with cold water and a nice cleansing shampoo that suits your hair type. You will not require a conditioner after this treatment, you will see your hair will become really smooth, soft and regain its shine.Make sure you do not use hot water or else you will cook egg on your hair. You can do this treatment twice a month for every weekend if you get time. There is no harm in it.
Benefits of this Treatment
  • Eggs are very rich in protein, they help in hair growth and regain natural proteins of your hair, get rid of split ends and rough ends.
  • Honey gives shine to your hair and helps them from getting discolored due to excess exposure to sun.
  • Lime gives shine to your hair, reduces dandruff and hair breakage.

This treatment will solve most of the hair problems like greying, hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp, split ends etc.

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