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EyeBrow Waxing Experience at Benefit Brow Bar

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Hi, Everyone! I hope you all are doing well. I am really apologetic of being irregular with blogging. I will try to be regular as much as I can.In this post, I am going to share the experience of waxing my eyebrows at the Benefit Brow Bar, Palladium Mumbai. It was almost 3 months that I had not done my eyebrows. All I was doing was using my Braun epilator to get rid of the  extra eyebrow growth. I need to confess that i hate to thread my eyebrows and also that every time the people at salon screw the shape of ur eyebrow. This time I had decided that I am going change the shape and look of my eyebrow.




When i reached the BrowBar, they made go through a certificate which mentions what product is used and how eyebrow waxing is done and other skin related disclaimers. They have  trained staff at the counter for doing eyebrow waxing. The liquid wax used for waxing is made of special pearls and is imported from Singapore. The total cost of eyebrow waxing is Rs 500 and if you get eyebrow +upper lips waxed it cost around Rs 700.

The first thing they do  is that they trim your eyebrow carefully so that both the eyebrows looks uniform. I already have a natural arch and shape, so all i did was to get the extra growth below and above the eyebrow waxed. If you don’t have a shape, they will try and give a shape. One thing to remember , you cannot shape your shape eyebrow in one go or one day, it will happen over a period of sittings and patience.



The eyebrow waxing is not at all painful unlike threading. The idea looks threatening and scary but it’s just the opposite. If you have sensitive skin, you might just develop those red bumps. The staff at the counter takes care of everything right from waxing to calming the redness down. I had a lovely experience getting my eyebrows waxed. 

Advantages of Eyebrow Waxing

 1. Pain free

2. Cost effective

3. Reduces hair growth (I got them two weeks back and my eyebrow still look clean and there has been no growth)


I plan to quit threading and do this one regularly or at least once a month basis.

Let me know in the comment section below what you think about eyebrow waxing or if you have done eyebrow waxing please share your experience.


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