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Flormar Loose Powder Review

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My make up vanity is incomplete without loose powders. I love loose powders to death. I already own the Lakme rose powder. Today I am going to review the former loose powder which I received with my fab bag.


Product Details

Created in 1950 in Milan, Flormar is now part of Yves Rocher. Great for Indian weather, this loose powder holds on to the skin as soon as it is applied.

Price : Rs 1200

How to use: After applying foundation and concealer, apply the powder using a brush

                                             My Take on the Product
The Flormar loose powder comes in a transparent hard plastic tub. You can actually check the level of powder without opening the main cover.The main cover has four holes which need to be pierced, so then you can start using the powder.


In the beginning, it was a little irritating to use the powder with four holes, but I later realized the purpose of it. The powder comes along with a puff for application. I still prefer using a powder brush for loose powder application.


The powder has very mild fragrance and does not irritate your nose. I am a sucker of loose powders and compacts but I love loose powders more than compact. The former loose powder comes in 6 shades. I luckily got the one that suits my skin tone. The powder has a soft texture and is smooth to apply. I really love this powder as firstly, it keeps my face fresh all day long. If you have oily skin, then is perfect one as it absorbs excess oil from the face and keeps it at bay. If you have pores and you suffer from whiteheads and acne, do not worry as it does not cause any breakouts and neither does it aggravate the existing acne. I apply it once in the day time before I leave and after all the heat and sweating it really keeps my face 80% dry, which I feel is more than enough. I have oily skin and also small pores, it really works well for me even without make up. If you have dry skin, then kindly apply a moisturizer and the apply this as it can make skin more dry. So as the product claims,  it is perfect for Indian weather, indeed its perfect for Indian weather. The product does not enlist  ingredients and also there is no mention of sunscreen protection. Loose powders are required to set your make up and foundation which it efficiently does and even without make up it does great.

1. Smooth and Soft texture
2. Easy to apply
3. Keep your face fresh and sets make up in minutes
4. Soaks excess oil secretion
5. Available in 6 shades.
6. Does not settle into pores and does not lead to breakouts.
7. Available on fabbag.com

1. Expensive
2. Ingredients and suncreen protection is missing

Rating : 4.5/5

Overall Verdict : I completely recommend this powder for foundation and make up. Although its expensive, its one of best loose powder available for all types of skin.

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