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Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Multani Mitti Review

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Ever since I have started investing in products that are meant for my skin type, my skin looks healthy and feels radiant. Acne has reduced, pimple marks have lightened to an extent and pores have minimized. I have a added a new product to my skincare ie Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Multani Mitti.  Well! I know that Multani Mitti is easily available in the market and is also way cheaper than the forest essentials. This product is a Multani Mitti as well as an Ubtan, so it can be used as a face wash as well as a face mask. I am using it for the past 10 days and I am liking it a lot. 



Product Details

A purifying and deep cleansing blend of herbs like Neem, Turmeric and Fenugreek along with Multani Mitti for blemished and acne prone skin. Regular use leaves the complexion soft and glowing with a radiant sheen. Its regular usage removes pigmentation and helps to tighten the open pores. The natural ingredients also improve skin texture and removes tan.
 This Multani Mitti Ubtan is a gentle exfoliating treatment that stimulates the underlying tissues of the skin. By its revitalizing, refreshing & refining actions. It also protects skin from Acne and Blemishes. Its regular usage removes pigmentation and helps to tighten the open pores. The natural ingredients of ‘Ubtan’ also improve skin texture and removes tan.

Price : Rs 525/-




My take on the Product

Packaging : The Forest Essential Multani Mitti Facial Ubtan comes in a jar packing with a golden coloured lid. The jar is made of a thick plastic /glass , it’s difficult to identify. Although the jar is big, carrying or travelling with it will not be a problem as the lid has a good grip over the jar. 

Texture and Pigmentation : The Forest Essential Multani Mitti Facial Ubtan is soft milled powder and looks like Multani Mitti. The first thing you feel or notice about the powder is the strong smell of neem, it smells so strong and herbal. I actually sneeze every time I apply this powder. I use rose water along with the powder to make a thick paste for application. The mixture turns into a thick creamy paste. The ratio of the mixture has to be balanced or else the if the powder is more  it will cause a severe burning sensation all over the face.



Does the Forest Essential Multani Mitti Facial Ubtan Fulfill all the Claims it makes?

  1. As I mentioned earlier, everything depends on the ratio of the mixture. The first time I applied the Multani Mitti, I made a thick paste without even thinking about the proportions and my skin started burning terribly. I read the instructions which mentioned that some people are allergic to herbal products if the irritation continues for more than 30 minutes stop using. I washed my face immediately after 10 minutes of application. Then next morning I decided to use it as a face wash. I mixed a lot of rose water, made a runny paste and applied it like a face wash. I realised that this time had no burning sensation. I guess there could be two reasons for the burning sensation, one is the excess of powder or if your skin  is prone to excess breakouts or open pores.
  2. Coming to oily skin, it helps in reducing excess oil but it does not strip the natural oil from the face. It has a  moisturizing and hydrating effect on the skin. 
  3.  Pimples and acne breakout: Well! For me, it has reduced the growth of pimples and acne. It has made my skin look clearer and softer than before. However, it has not worked on the               growth of  white heads which still persist.
  4.  Redness and dark spots:  Forest Essential Multani Mitti Facial Ubtan has completely erased the redness and acne marks that I had on my face. My skin looks brighter as it helps in getting    rid of tan too. It also helps in getting rid of skin dead skin cells leaving the skin soft and smooth.
  5. Open Pores: Since it has just been 10 days I am using the product, I do not see it working on open pores or minimizing them.


How often should you use the Forest Essential Multani Mitti Facial Ubtan?

I use Forest Essential Multani Mitti Facial Ubtan  every alternative day as a face mask. When I tried using it as an ubtan to wash my wash it led to some mild breakouts.


Rating : 4.5/5

Final Recommendation

Forest Essential Multani Mitti Facial Ubtan is one of the best face packs for oily and acne prone skin. It leaves the skin hydrated, soft and smooth. Reduces redness and acne marks. I am surely going to repurchase it and also recommend this to all those who have sensitive and acne prone skin.

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