Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Night Cream Review

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Hello girlies!

Today’s review will be about a night cream called The Multi Action Fairness Night Cream from Garnier’s White Complete range. This particular range by Garnier has five skin care products; a day cream, a night cream, a face wash, a 3-in-1 wash.scrub.mask and an under eye roll on. Although I am not a believer of fairness claims by beauty brands I have used the face wash and this night cream for the sake of lightening the tan I gathered throughout the summer months. This particular product is available in two sizes. I got the smaller size a few months earlier. Read on to know how it fared.



Price: Rs.105 for 18gm

Shelf Life: 36 months from the date of packaging

How to Use: The Company says, this cream should be applied on ‘perfectly cleansed face’. Apply the cream on dots and massage in ‘light circular movements’. Start at the center of the face and move upwards and outwards while massaging. For the neck, start at the base and move towards the top. Let it seep into the skin for 15-20 minutes before hitting the bed.


Packaging/Availability: The Garnier night cream has elegant packaging considering the price-point. It comes in a screw cap tub that remains secured inside a cube shape cardboard box. Both the tub and the cap are made up of hard plastic. The outer packaging is more attractive and has four different label graphics on its four sides. Each of these sides mentions some useful facts and claims. The ingredient list is mentioned in the bottom face. Availability is not an issue with this product as most of the cosmetic stores are well stocked with Garnier products. If you want alluring discounts on this product; buy from online stores.

Colour: Colour of this cream is white.

Texture: It is a cream of medium thickness. The texture is smooth and blendable.



Fragrance: The Garnier night cream has a citrus smell like the face wash from the same range. However, the smell is light and short-staying.

Suitability: The Garnier night cream would suit best on the normal, dry or extremely dry skin. Although the packaging mentions this as a cream for all skin types; it may feel too oily for oily to combination skin. Sensitive and acne-prone beauties should skip this product.

Effectiveness: The formula of the Garnier night cream seems too heavy for my oily and acne-prone skin. When the weather is warm; this cream makes my face sweat a lot. This does not happen when the weather is cold. Though it nicely moisturized my skin; it aggravated my pimples. That is why I discontinued it after using it continuously for a week. Thank heavens, I did not buy the full-size pack or it would cause a lot of grief. I think this would work nicely on normal to dry skinned people because my mom once used it from me and said it made her face perfectly moisturized. Regarding the skin lightening claim, I am not sure as I used it for a short while. I did not buy it for complexion lightening; I just wanted to remove my tan a bit. I am going to give this one to my mom as it suits her.



I will recommend the Garnier cream to normal to dry skinned people who are searching for a budget night cream to nourish their facial skin.

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  1. Nice and detailed review. Thanks for the review.

  2. Nice review Sreeparna :)But bad that it caused pimples on your skin! I have not tried any products from Garnier in skincare range. I will not try either in future.

  3. Thanks for sharing this post, I have dots on my skin so I think, I will try this one.

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