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Hedonista Oudh frozen Ittar Review

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Hello All!!!!! Today’s post is about the Hedonista Oudh frozen Ittar.  The time of  Eid is like gali ke kebabs, sweets, tandoor meat and fruits. Something about Eid that always fascinated me how do people smell so good and how come the fragrance reaches far, the secret is ittar.  I love the aroma of ittar, i know its strong and that, it hits the nose, but i use to always love passing from lanes where ittar were displayed. I often use to pester my  mom to buy those cute shaped bottles…. and she use to give me looks like she did not know me. Anyway, that’s my fondest memories of it. Lately i received the Hedonista Oudh frozen Ittar in one of my Envy Boxes. The word “Frozen” here means it’s a solid perfume or a perfume balm. I somehow like the concept of solid perfumes…no scare of spill over or staining of clothes.


Product Details

A solid perfume inspired by fragrant souks and musky monsoons. Dance the night away on a tidal wave of dehn al oudh. Pure oudh essential oil. No artificial fragrance.

Price : Rs 1045 for 20gms

My Take on the Product


The ittar comes in a packing similar to that of a lip balm. It’s small and compact to carry around. Since ittar is in the solid form, you can be carefree about the spill over. The perfume comes in a paste form and is white in colour. The flavour I received  has really strong and a warm musky fragrance. 

The product is thick in consistency, but really soft and easy to blend. For application you can use a cotton bud if you want the perfume to enter your nails. Just take the required amount and apply it behind your ears, wrist and calf muscles. 

The ittar has an amazing staying power, it will stay for a day or so till you don’t have a bath. The quantity of 20gms seems to be too less for the price. But as I said even a little of ittar can go a long way, so 20gms can go on for 2-3 months depending upon the frequency of use.

Rating :5/5

Final Recommendation

I will definitely recommend this solid perfume as I see it to be a good  investment to be cherished for long.


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  1. I have never used solid perfumes, heard some raves regarding this one
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