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Jovees Broad Spectrum Sun Defence Cream with SPF-50 and PA+++ Review

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Today I will be reviewing a Broad Spectrum Sun Defence Cream with SPF-50 and PA+++ from the house of Jovees. A few months ago I went to buy my favorite Lotus sunscreen but it was out of stock. The shopping assistant gave this to me. It was summer and my skin felt all oily after using this. So, I kept it aside to use in the cold months. I took it out in November and have been using it since then. I am going to share my experience with it now. Please read on to know if it worked or not.


This ‘broad spectrum light weight’ sunscreen is said to provide powerful protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays of sun that can cause ‘premature ageing’, ‘sunburn’ and ‘surface skin damage’.

Why should this be in your sun protection essentials?

  1. It gets absorbed well
  2. It does not wipe off as you sweat
  3. It makes your skin even-toned and fairer



Price: Rs.195 for 60gm

Shelf Life: 36 months from the date of packaging

How to Use: Cleanse your skin with appropriate cleanser. Apply the sunscreen all over the exposed skin and blend well. Let it absorb into the skin for 15-20 minutes before sun exposure.


Packaging/Availability: The Jovees sunscreen comes in a white colored plastic tube. The opening of the tube is secured by a yellow plastic flip-top screw cap. The front side of the tube contains product name and label graphics whereas the back side contains claims and other useful information regarding the product. To prevent contamination, the company sells this sunscreen in a sealed tube. To use it for the first time, you need to open the screw cap and break the seal that sits in the opening of the tube pack. This is really nice in my opinion. Overall the packaging is simple and compact. The Jovees sunscreen is easily available in all the leading cosmetic stores with 10-15% discount round the year. You can buy it from online stores too.

Colour: The Jovees sunscreen is milky white in colour.

Texture: The jovees sunscreen has thick and creamy consistency. While rubbed on the skin; it blends well and sets by forming a heavy layer just like a winter body lotion. It does not leave any white cast if it is used in exact quantity.

Fragrance: The product has mild floral fragrance. The smell stays for 1-2 hours and then fades out completely.

Suitability: Although this product says it is for all skin types, the oily and combination skinned people may find it heavy for the face in summer. It would suit dry and extremely dry skin best. It would work for all skin types in the colder months.

Effectiveness: The Jovees sunscreen provides decent coverage against the harsh summer sun. But its performance is better against mild winter sun. As it is a heavy formula, it makes me sweat a lot in summer. Once I used it as my facial sunscreen, it made my face extremely oily. I had to remove it from my face in just 15 minutes. After that, I use it only for my body. I always need an SPF heavy sunscreen to keep photosensitivity related irritations at bay. With this one, I experience burning sensations due to photosensitivity as if I am without any sun protection. That means this one fails to work for me. But I have seen this working nicely for some of my friends. Nowadays I am using this one as my winter body lotion whenever my nose craves for its fresh fragrance. I find it quite moisturizing as a body lotion.

RATING: 2.75/5

FINAL RECOMMENDATION: I will recommend the Jovees sunscreen to dry skinned beauties who want a pocket-friendly and decent body sunscreen. This can be a nice winter body lotion cum sunscreen too.

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  1. I have used this cream, It’s really good for skin. It gets easily absorbed into our skin and makes skin soft and nourished.

    1. I have extremely oily and acne prone skin. That is why it did not work. Loved to know it worked for you.
      Sreeparna Ganguly recently posted…Jovees Broad Spectrum Sun Defence Cream with SPF-50 and PA+++ ReviewMy Profile

  2. Heavy sunscreens are a big no no for my oily & acne prone skin. I have used the sandalwood sunscreen from Jovees, and it never felt heavy. Thanx for the review.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience ith sandalwood sunscreen from the same range. Would try when my current sunscreen finishes.
      Sreeparna Ganguly recently posted…Tis the Season for Great ShoppingMy Profile

  3. Lovely review. Definitely for the dry skin girlies 🙂
    Swathi recently posted…PAC Retro Matte Gloss 18 : Review, swatch, LOTDMy Profile

    1. I think it would suit dry skin…
      Sreeparna Ganguly recently posted…Jovees Broad Spectrum Sun Defence Cream with SPF-50 and PA+++ ReviewMy Profile

  4. I have oily skin too; it wont fare well to my skin as well 🙁 thanks for the honest take 🙂

  5. Not for my oily skin. Honest review !
    safi recently posted…5 Best Face Washes for Oily Acne Prone Skin in IndiaMy Profile

    1. Thanks.. Yeah its not for oily skin.
      Sreeparna Ganguly recently posted…Tis the Season for Great ShoppingMy Profile

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