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Lotus Herbals Fresh Apricot Apriscrub Review

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Guest Review by Sreeparna Ganguly

Exfoliation is an essential process in a balanced skin care regimen. It helps to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin and reveals new cells. This way the skin nourishing products get absorbed in our skin better and our skin looks and feels healthy. On well-exfoliated skin, it is easier to blend base makeup as well. Today I will be reviewing Apriscrub Fresh Apricot Scrub from Lotus Herbals. I am using this one for a few months now and it has already become my favorite. My current tube is going to finish soon and I plan to repurchase it. To know why I like it so much read on.






As our nails and skin grow, your skin also grows. Upper skin cells become dead and new cells are developed underneath. It is necessary to remove these dead cells to reveal the younger, radiant skin from underneath.

Why should it be there in your skincare regimen?


  • For all skin types
  • It scrubs away dead cells gently without rupturing skin


  • It gives young, radiant skin after using

Ingredients: (Image attached)

lotus-herbals-apriscrub-review_ingredientsPrice: Rs. 145 for 100 Grams

Shelf Life: 36 months from the date of packaging

How to Use: Cleanse your face with your favorite face cleanser. Take a dollop of scrub and apply it on your face and neck in dots. Message your face and neck with outwards circular motion (as shown in the back of the package) for 3-4 minutes. Do not rub one place for too long and use gentle hands. Wash off and pat your face and neck dry. Apply a suitable moisturizer. For best results use 2-3 times a week.


Packaging/Availability: The scrub comes in a light yellow tube packaging. This kind of packaging is very common in Lotus Herbals products. There is an off-white flip-top cap in the opening of the tube. The cap shuts tightly with a sharp click. Both the tube and the cap are made up of good quality plastic making the packaging travel-friendly and spillage-proof. On the front side of the tube, there is a logo of Lotus Herbals and a depiction of fresh apricots which are the main constituent of the scrub. The backside of the pack holds important information regarding the usage, ingredients etc. Overall the packaging seems perfect to me considering the price-point. This scrub is available in almost all e-commerce websites and in the leading beauty stores.

Colour: This scrub is off-white in color and the exfoliating particles that are said to be apricot kernel powder are brown or brownish black.



Texture: The consistency of this scrub is quite creamy. But when it gets mixed up with water at the time of exfoliation it becomes thinner. The defoliators present in the scrub are of medium size; neither too big nor too small. That is why they are not harsh on the skin.


Fragrance: The product has a distinct smell and this smell is very similar to fresh apricots. The fragrance is not overpowering and after washing off only a hint of it remains for 4-5 hours. Most of the apricots available in the market smell of dried apricots whereas this one smells fresh. I like the fragrance very much because it soothes me down.

Suitability: As it is a defoliator with medium grains; it is suitable for all types of skin (except for sensitive skin). Although it is a cream based scrub it does not leave stickiness to the skin after removal. In humid summer, weather it makes me feel a bit oily that is why I mix 2 drops of face cleanser and then use it for exfoliation.

Effectiveness: I have got excellent results from this scrub. This face scrub has given me glowing healthy skin and helped to cure my blackheads problem with regular use. It has become a must have in my skin maintenance routine. I am using this product for 5-6 months and it started showing results from the second month onwards. I used to have small zits on my face due to clogged pores. These seem to lessen after using it. Pimple marks are also lessened. My facial skin looks healthy which no scrub could give me before. I think almost all the claims made by the company is true for this product.



I recommend this scrub to anyone, with any skin type except for sensitive skin, who wants a budget defoliator to clear off blackheads, dullness and dead cells from the delicate facial skin.

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  1. Tha ks for the honest review
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    1. Loved to hear you liked:)

  2. i love apricot scrubs so i would love to try it out…

  3. I have used this scrub, It gives me smooth and glows skin.

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