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Maybelline Colorama Range “Rosa Cristal” Swatches And Review

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Hello beauties! So, my quest for quality yet affordable nail polishes made me come across Maybelline’s Colorama range. This range consists of 27 shades, which I am lapping up one by one. Today I’m going to review the shade “Rosa Cristal”.

Product Description:-

Maybelline India’s website says the following about their Colorama range:

  • Glossy nail color in captivating vibrant shades.
  • High-gloss, nail color with 5 day wear.


Rosa Cristal











INR 100/-

Net Volume:-

8 ML


The nail polish comes in a sturdy glass bottle with a plastic cap that fits well and makes it travel friendly. The applicator brush is longer and thinner than those of most other nail polishes and it makes the application process clean and fuss free in my opinion.


All 27 shades will be difficult to come by at most of the outlets. However, there is a good collection available at That’s where I ordered it from.



My take on the product:-

Since I ordered this shade online, I had little idea as to how it would actually turn out on the nails. To be honest, it was love at first sight when I saw this shade online. The color simply looked heavenly in picture.

The density of the product is quite thin which dramatically reduces the drying time and makes the manicure smudge free. But a thin density also means that you will never get the desired effect in a single coat. I had to apply three coats of this shade to get the desired color and although that sounds tedious, it isn’t. Like I already said, it takes very little time to dry, say a minute or two. Even after three coats, it looks a bit translucent on the nails but I guess that’s just how the shade is. After all, not all polishes are meant to be opaque.

‘Rosa Cristal’ has a subdued shimmer to it and the nail polish looks glossy for the first couple of days, after which it starts to lose its sheen. I’m very impressed with its staying power. It stands true to its claim and lasts for 5 days without a top coat. With a top coat, you are good to go for an entire week.


  • Thin density.
  • Long applicator brush.
  • Quick dry.
  • Long lasting.
  • Glossy.
  • Quality at an affordable price.
  • Fuss free


  • More than two coats required to achieve desired color.



Final Verdict:-

It is one of the best range of affordable nail polishes available in the Indian market today. It comes in many shades, dries quickly, lasts long, and is glossy and fuss free. What more can you want? This subdued and classy shade will work best for offices and boardrooms. And if you feel like doing a simple, classic French Manicure, then one coat will do the job. Go for it ladies!






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