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Maybelline New York Total Clean Express Eye and Lip Makeup Remover Review

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If you are a makeup beginner and want to know the secret to good skin care, then whatever be the makeup, it has be removed from your face before you hit the bed. If you are investing in good products make sure to invest in a good eye and face makeup remover. Some makeup removers are oil based and some are not. Today I am going to review the Maybelline New York Total Clean Express Eye and Lip Makeup Remover, which I got recently from nykaa.com.


Product Details

A Bi-phase makeup remover that cleans all type of makeup without leaving a residue.


  • Powerful Bi-Phase Formula: Removes long-lasting and waterproof makeup while leaving skin soft
  • Fast acting dissolving agents: Instantly breaks down all types of stubborn eye makeup
  •  Lids and lashes are remarkably clean and moisturized, with no residue
  • Dermatologist and allergy tested


Rs 275 

My Take on the Product

The Maybelline makeup remover comes in a transparent bottle with pink embossing and a white cap. The bottle has a hard inner cap to get the product out, I really like it, as it saves a lot of excess liquid from coming out.


 The makeup remover is completely liquid based and has no oil mixture in it. The liquid has a mild fragrance and is transparent in colour. The makeup remover is dermatologically tested. In order  to use it, take a generous amount of the liquid on a cotton and gently start removing the makeup. Do not rub it on your skin, just in circular motions start cleaning your face. The makeup remover removes face and lip makeup instantly and leaves the skin squeaky fresh. Coming to eyes, for me I guess when it comes to eyes and oil based makeup remover works better as it instantly removes eye makeup. If  you are using Maybelline makeup remover, you have to use and press a little more to get eye makeup out. This can really irritate if you have small and delicate eyelids like mine. So this is not meant for girls with a delicate eyelid skin. This is an amazing oil free face and lip makeup remover, but for delicate eyes an oil based like the Avon Face and Eye makeup remover  be a better option.


Overall Thoughts

A must have in your vanity box, for those who do not like oil based makeup remover for face, then this is  the best makeup  remover you can buy.

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  1. That’s a neat-looking product. The packaging remind me of the Loreal Micellar Water. I’ll have to give this a try. 🙂

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