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Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub Review

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Hello all!!!! If you have noticed I have used Neutrogena products often, for some reason they really work well for me. The product that i am going to review is Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub. This is one product I am using for months and something that you should invest in if you have oily skin and blackhead issues. I sometimes feel it’s the most underrated product. Its a Paisa vasool product. To all those who use think that a face wash and scrub are the same, please  get your facts cleared before you use a product. Scrubs are a must for exfoliation or get rid of dry or rough skin  and clogged pores. It should a part of your skin care regime, if you want your skin to breath and be clean.

Product Details

Gentle yet effective, that’s Neutrogena Deep Clean blackhead eliminating scrub. Its double action gently scrubs away blackheads and prevents new ones from appearing. It removes dirt and oil from within and unclogs pores. By cleansing the skin from deep within, it gives you skin that feels and looks refreshed. The skin-smoothing micro beads exfoliate your skin without drying.


Price : Rs 240 for 100g


  • Eliminates black heads
  • Prevents new ones from appearing
  • Exfoliates skin
  • Removes dirt and oil
  • Unclogs pores
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Cleanses from deep within without drying

The Salicylic acid present in the scrub is known for being highly effective against acne. Over regular use you’ll see visibly clean and rejuvenated skin.



My Take on the Product

Packing and How to use: The Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub comes in a chubby tube with a flip open cap. The scrub comes in two sizes, 40gms and 100 gms. It’s very simple to use the scrub. Wash face with a gentle cleanser or face wash. Rinse and pat dry, then squeeze adequate amount of scrub into your palm and gently massage into lather onto wet face. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Packing is really hard and sturdy. Since it’s available in 40gms which is a perfect travel size tube.

Texture/ Consitency: The scrub has a runny and light in consistency. The scrub has yellow and white micro beads meant for exfoliation. The micro beads are very subtle and not harsh on the skin. The best part is that the scrub has no fragrance.


Effects:  This is one product in my skin care which I will never change. I have used so many scrubs, but this one is truly a game changer. It’s one the best products from Neutrogena. It firstly reduces the growth of blackheads and whiteheads. It unclogs pores, removes all dirt and  stubborn blackheads. It does not lead to breakout or any redness on the face. It exfoliates and removes roughness, leaving the skin smooth and clear. It’s been three months I religiously use this product  everyday without fail and it has really made my skin clean and way clearer than before. 

Meant for : All skin types

Rating :5/5

Final Recommendation

I will definitely recommend the Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub,  it’s worth the money and one of the best scrubs available .

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