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Pears Pure and Gentle face wash review

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Hello people! Today I am going to review a face wash that I have been using for over a month, Pears Pure and Gentle Face wash. This is one of best face wash for oily skin as well a good face wash that can be used in summers.




Product Details


Pears is the gentle way to keep your skin looking innocent and beautiful.

 Price: INR 49 for 60g



My take on the product

 The pears face wash comes in a transparent plastic tube with a flip-flop cap. The face wash is a transparent brown gel and looks like honey colour. The gel is thick in consistency. The fragrance of the face wash is mild and medicinal like the brown pears soap.





Proceeding to the effects of the face wash. My mom got this face wash based on the suggestion of a doctor who, recommended it for my sister as she was suffering from a terrible outbreak of pimples. So along with her, I used this face wash in the winter, just to give it a try. But to our dismay, we both felt that it dried out our skin. I could feel my skin drying after the first use itself. Hence, we both discontinued using it.

A few weeks ago when summer started, I decided to give it another shot in order to see how effectively it controls oil and acne growth. To my surprise, I have discovered that this is a summer face wash meant for oily skinned beauties and it doesn’t dry out your face during the summers. I really love its effect in summers. If you have dry skin don’t you dare use it. However, if you have oily skin, with or without acne, then you must try this out in summers. An important thing to note is that it does not control the growth of acne but manages to dry the pimples out. It controls oil secretion and keep you fresh throughout the day. I wash my face twice a day with this to keep oil and stickiness at bay. It has natural glycerine that keeps the skin smooth and soft.


1. Mild fragrance

2. Afforadble and easily available

3. Keeps oil at bay

4. Keeps skin soft and smooth

5. Perfect summer face wash


1. Does not work on acne. Just dries them out.

2. Not for winters

Rating : 4/5

Overall verdict: This face wash is not meant for people with dry skin and also it is better to avoid this face wash in winter. This face wash is perfect for summer and people who suffer from oily skin.

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