Pinterest Board Update : Week 1

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Hi, everyone! I hope you all are doing well! So in this post, I am going update you with the latest Pinterest boards I created. I love spending time creating boards of interest and I also love scrolling through it as it’s full of pictures and it’s like  a visual treat. I also want you all to follow me on Pinterest as I have created some interesting boards for you all. So you can go to those boards and explore things of your choice and interest.

So this week I created 2 new boards

  1. Nyx Board: In this board, you will find all information about their different lipsticks/ lipliners/ lip creams. It will help you find out the shades of the products as well as different swatches. So you can follow that board of mine here.
Pinterest :NYX board
Pinterest :NYX board
nyx board 2
Pinterest :NYX board


2. Nude Lipstick Collection Board : Just long hair, nudes lipsticks will never go out of fashion. Most women prefer to wear a nude to rosy flesh lipstick as it’s the best option for everyday wear. But most of us find it difficult to buy nude lipstick as we don’t know what will shade will go well with our skin tone. If you want to follow this board then click here.

Nude lip collection borad


These are the latest boards I created on my Pinterest account. You can follow my Pinterest account here. I hope you all enjoyed reading the post. So next i will update you guys with new boards. If you want to follow my day to day updates on Pinterest then you can follow my Pinterest account.

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