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Scholl Fresh Step Crackling Ice Foot Gel Review

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Hello People! Today I am going to review a foot get, that working on treating foot odor and ache.

Product Description

Product Details:  Scholl Fresh Step Crackling Ice Foot Gel is an invigorating foot fizz to cool, deodorize and revitalize hot, tired, aching feet. Its gel formulation turns to a crackling mousse on application- leaving your feet silky, soft, cool and refreshed.

Look:  It comes in a White and Pink deo Bottle


Price : INR 250


Size : 150ml/90g

 Ingredients :

photo (7)


Texture : Crackling (exact sound of brownie sizzler) Ice gel which turn into a mousse


Direction : Shake Well before use. Spray into Hand or over Feet and massage in , until fully absorbed. The Crackling /Tickling sensation continues as the product is quickly absorbed.


My Take On the Product

Firstly, to begin with I have really sensitive feet. I get shoes bites and blisters with even the softest shoes. I was looking out for good spray that reduces feet ache and tiredness. I finally found this foot gel in spray form. Scholl has a wide range of products for foot care. This is the first product I am trying from schools. The foot spray has a crackling mousse, which you have sprayed over your tired feet. Once sprayed over the feet, it gives a cold effect and makes a crackling noise (sounds like exactly like sizzlers)  until you massage it over your feet. The crackling mousse is suppose to keep feet soft, smooth, odor free, heeling cracks and reduce foot ache. The Foot spray successfully proves fruitful in reducing foot odor and reduce foot ache. I don’t have cracked heels so I have no clue if it really works on them. It does not really make feet soft and smooth, but it relaxes the dryness and roughness. For me it has been a boon for foot ache and foot odor. If your feet ache due wearing high heals or standing for long hours in a local train, this is definitely one foot spray you should have in your vanity case.


What I like

1. Cooling Gel reduces foot ache

2. Crackling Mousse reduces foot odor

3. Affordable

4. Amazing Fragrance

What I don’t like

1 . Availability is an issue

Rating : 4.5/5

Overall Verdict : It’s a must try if you suffer from foot ache and odor. Great!!!!!


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