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Skincare and Makeup tricks that everyone must know

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Hello, Girls!!!! Today’s post is going to be a quick guide to some skincare and makeup hacks or tricks you need to know. These tips and tricks are really important and can save you from making some blunders at the last moment. So spare five mins to know what these tricks are.

1. Tip no 1 is very well known, but I still want to mention it.  If you have severe acne or white heads apply a paste of  baking soda. Make a thick paste of baking soda using distilled water. Apply this pack, keep it for 8mins and rinse it. You will notice the difference.

2. Tip no 2 is what I have picked up from my father. Well is not a beauty tip but a hack that I learnt from him. If you have hurt yourself, have cuts or burns of any kind to avoid septic apply surgical spirit (the purple one, well not found easily though). It works on high fever also, you can rub it on your hands and feet.

3. Tip no 3 if you’re not a makeup enthusiast or if you’re running short of a make remover, then use your hair oil to remove makeup. You can use any hair oil be it almond/ coconut or castor. It will remove all residues of makeup, especially the stubborn eyeliner. Don’t worry!!!! Hair oils work and are good for skin too. You can always wash your face after removing makeup.

4. Tip no 4 easiest way of smudging khol is to use a Q-tip (cotton bud). 

5. Tip no 5 to transform you glossy lipstick into a matte one, use a tissue paper. Apply your favourite lipstick, place the tissue between your lips, just dab them. You can reapply and follow the same process to the get the desired finish and pigmentation.

6. Tip no 6  for smoky eye look, always use black colour along with some other colour of choice as using only black colour will make the eye look ashy and washed out.

7. Tip no 7 Apply ice all over your face to tackle skin problems. It is the best primer and skincare regime you adopt for sensitive skin.

8. Tip no 8 Never test foundations or concealers on your wrist, that is a wrong way of picking a shade. Foundation is applied on face, apply it on your cheeks crossing the jawline. If it  blends and looks like your natural skin its the right shade. If it leaves a white finish or makes you look fair, you have selected the wrong shade.

So these some quick tips that you need to keep in mind. If you guys have any other suggestion or tips to share you can leave in the comments below. I will incorporate it in my post along with credits. Hope you liked reading these tips.

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