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Suganda Neem Green Tea Plant Mask Review

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How often does it happen that we have a product and we don’t bother to use and most of the times those products are most effective? Well! I had similar thoughts for Suganda Neem Green Tea Plant Mask which I received with one of my fab bags. One day I finally decided to use it and to my surprise, it has been one of the most effective face masks for acne prone and sensitive skin.

Product Details

Suganda products celebrate raw and organic ingredients sourced from all over the world, mixed with essential oils for a refreshingly natural fragrance. A lush range of quality soaps, lotions and skin care products. Suganda products are handmade using finest natural Ingredients without any harsh chemicals.

A mask for oily and acne prone skin,to control oiliness, breakouts and to give anti-oxidant and healing benefits of green tea to the skin. Also helps with Sun damage. A fantastic anti-ageing Mask for oily skin suited for sensitive skin.

My take on the Product

Packaging: The suganda Neem Green Tea Plant mask comes in a green and white coloured plastic tub. I am not sure but i think it comes only in one size. It’s easy to carry while travelling.



Price : Rs 750


NEEM HELPS REDUCE BLEMISHES AND SPOTS- Neem and green tea work on bacteria that cause on acne. GREEN TEA HELPS FADE MARKS AND PIGMENTATION- Green Tea, Rice are skin lighteners and help with sun damage. RICE IS SOOTHING FOR SENSITIVE SKIN- Acne treatments are often harsh but rice and green tea work to soothe red skin while working on bacteria. CAN USE AS A SKIN CLEANSER- Absorbs excess oils and dirt, skin. Use this mask as a morning to cleanse skin. LESS OILY SKIN- Green tea reduces oil production in skin

How to use the mask :  Take 1 TSP powder, Mix with warm water to activate herbs. Apply on the face without scrubbing, wait for 2 mins to let it dry. Apply honey to soften face mask, for a moisturising effect. Wait for 2 mins and wash off with cold water. Can be used 5 times a week and give a break for 2 days. Use as a face cleanser cum mask in the morning or evening. Don’t try to scrub acne skin as it will cause more breakouts.

Texture and Fragrance: The suganda green tea and neem plant mask is a thick granular powder. It has as a typical neem medicinal smell which is not really overpowering. The powder is very rough and drying in texture. If you have dry skin, use a honey mask or a heavy moisturiser after using it.



Does the product fulfil all the claims?

I have been suffering from small white head and pimples zits just on one side of the face. They just din’t seem to subside. Everytime i use have a breakout just in one specified area of my face. The pimples use to turn red and then leave marks on my face. When i first used this mask, it slighted irritated my skin and also i got some buring and hot feeling even after washing my face. In the use itself it dried out all my pimple zits and made my skin look a little better. It does not completely subside the pimple in the first use. I had to use it atleast 2/3 times a week. It helps in absording extra oil and also cleared my skin. The suganda mask is highly drying, although i have oily skin, i sometimes feel that it strips all the oil from the face. It mask really helps in reducing the growth of acne and lighting pimple marks. The mask also has great skin tightening properties. I prepare this mask using my Neutrogena Toner and both work really well on my skin.

 Rating : 5/5

Final recommendation

If you have sensitive skin and you’re suffering from acne and pimple zits, this mask is a must for you. 

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