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Fashion trends come and go throughout the years, and even though it’s very ancient, yet, Victorian fashion still hasn’t lost its charm in women’s heart. In the last couple of years, we can notice that “Victorian Vibes” in everything from Fairy tale-inspired styles to Gothically themed looks, be it an elegant high-neck ruffled collar or the melancholy elegance of black lace, chokers, gloves with a long embroidered dress. Fashion designers like Alexander McQueen, Alberta Ferretti and Valentino have placed or have shown the energy of the Victorian era as much as it was, While designers like Sophie Theallet and Roberto Cavalli bring that look back giving it much fresher and modern twist.

Victorian fashion was first observed in the 19th Century referring to the fashion trends that were followed in the Reign of Queen Victoria, which then became Victorian era.

Whenever we think about the Victorian era the image of a woman decked in a ruffled dress of silk and organdy and holding a parasol would let us guess that it is that of the Victorian era. The fashion in the era was not only intended to look attractive but was cut in detail to form a Classic silhouette. Nowadays, the inclusion of the Victorian Era’s fashion trends with the touch of the modern collection adds elegance and beauty to those dresses.


It is not compulsory that if you want to wear something of that era you need to be fully dressed you can just add the Victorian elements. These elements include the Ruffled designs mixed with chic lace or satin are common features of the trend. Especially the lace starting from the tops and dresses can be considered the Victorian style. Victorian fashion can give us the gothic vibes as well as the romantic. Gothic fashion involves much of darker vibe as compared to the soothing and light vibes in romance. Victorian Styles are all about femininity and couture elegance featuring delicate, ladylike ensembles, which are often combined with a little edge. So, to say the more vintage outfit looks feminine, the more Victorian it is.


If you want to try some Victorian look, a pair of a free-flowing skirt with a Victorian-Style top or jeans or jeggings with top and choker will complete your look with the Victorian styled shoes. Victorian fashion still has the charm to make women look beautiful and elegant and it will never fade away from a women’s heart.

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