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TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo Review And Swatches

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Keratin Products , Shampoos, Conditioners , Hair Masks and Treatments seem to have taken the range of hair products by storm. A few Months ago Tresemme  launched its keratin Range of Hair Products. I am going to review the Keratin Smooth Shampoo from this Range.

Product Details 

The new Keratin Shampoo comes in;

Look: Red and Black color bottle with a plastic Body, its pretty travel friendly. The shampoo is white in color, has a runny consistency and a mild Fruity Fragrance.  



Size: 225 Ml

Price : Rs 170/-

Product Claims : To make hair straighter and smoother.


Direction To Use


My take on the Product

I have also tried the Tresemme shampoo for dry hair, but I dint like product, for some reason this shampoo was effective for first 2 washes and then it made the hair really dry in spite of using the conditioner. I lately bought this Keratin Shampoo, I was waiting to try this, as the keratin shampoos are the biggest revolution among the hair products. Keratin is the protein in your hair which makes  hair smooth and helps retaining the natural moisture of your hair. The Tresemme keratin shampoo, has too many chemicals and hydrolyzed keratin. In spite of chemicals it somehow works better than the normal Tresemme Range shampoos. Initially , when I used the keratin shampoo it showed no results, after a series of wash my hair has become less frizzy, but if you think it will make your hair straight, then you will be highly disappointed as it will only reduce frizz and make it little manageable. People with little curls and waves will see the effects of the shampoo, but if you have curly, frizzy and unmanageable hair, you might not notice any change. Overall its an average shampoo. I guess the results might slighter differ if you use its Conditioner and Hair Mask, which I don’t intend to buy ever. The Tresemme Range works for some people whereas for me it has not worked at all.

What I Like About the Shampoo

1. Mild Fragrance

2.  Affordable

3. Easily Available In Stores and Online

What I don’t like

1. Too Many Chemicals For a Keratin Shampoo

Rating : 2/5 

Final Verdict : Do not go by the name Keratin shampoo, it will not make your hair straighter smoother or silkier, but might reduce the frizz.

Will I buy Again: Never, I would invest money in better products.

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  1. This gave me heavy chemical build-up!! Nice review, it’s a big skip!!

  2. Very good and useful post.. Thanks for sharing.. Do visit my blog..

  3. yeah totally it! Clear Shampoo gives better results

  4. I love Tresemme conditioners 🙂

    1. Many love tresemme products, it suits some.

  5. I tried this and it did nothing great for my hair 🙁 nice review 🙂

    1. Same here, it was a waste!!!

  6. I dont like tresseme.. it makes my hair so dull n dry 🙁

    1. Exact same happened to my hair

  7. Thank you so much!!! I was right abt the product

  8. Pallavi says:

    I tried the TRESemme anti hairfall shampoo and it initially gave me nice soft hair bt after 2 weeks my hair has become dry and i gt dandruff! :/

  9. yes exact same happened to me too pallavi! it has lots of chemicals

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