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Vega Blush Brush Review

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One principle of having a good base makeup is to give dimensions to the face properly otherwise the face looks flat. That is where blushes and contour products come handy. These products are generally too pigmented to apply with the fingertips. A good brush is a must-have to ensure natural and blended look or it will make you look fake and made-up. Today I will be reviewing the Blush brush from Vega which, in my opinion, is a good brush for beginners or people who are new to powder blushes or contours. Let’s read on to find how it fared on me.


According to Vega, “This brush is made with natural hair which is ideal for the correct pick-up and blending of the powder.”

Why should this be there in your makeup kit?

  1. Its shape allows smooth and even application of the powder blush
  2. It will enable you to apply the powder blush more precisely
  3. It picks up the desired amount of product and places it to the area you want

Price: Rs.140 for 1 Piece

How to Use: Swirl the tip of the brush gently on the blush pan and tap off the excess product. Use gentle pat, swirl or rub the brush over the skin you want to apply the product to. Do not drag or tug the brush or it may damage the brush.

How to Cleanse: Regular cleansing is important for a facial brush or it may cause delicate skin to break out badly. The brand suggests lukewarm water + pure soap/mild shampoo concoction for cleansing this blush brush.  



Packaging/Availability: This blush brush is packed in a clear plastic glue-sealed wrap. Inside the wrap, a cardboard flap is provided to keep the brush in place. The brush has pale yellow polished wooden handle which looks classy. To keep the bristles in shape, there is a clear plastic cap covering the upper side of the brush. This brush is easily available in all beauty stores that keep Vega Products. You can find it online with lucrative discounts.

Bristle Texture: The bristles of this brush are black in colour and densely packed a black metallic bristle holder. The bristles are black in colour with medium softness.


Suitability: This brush is designed for applying powder products, especially blushes. But, you can apply other powder products like contour powder, bronzer etc. However, it may feel too small for applying setting powders.

Effectiveness: The Blush Brush from Vega was my first blush and contour applicator. As a beginner I got this to try my hands on these products. I wanted a decent brush which will be pocket-friendly as well and I zeroed to this one. With this brush applying and blending a powder product is quite easy. It does not soak up a lot of product, so the chances of product wastage are lesser than some other brushes of the same category. This brush can be cleansed very easily with a mild shampoo and bristle shedding is minimal. The bristles are not feathery soft on skin but not too hard either. They do their job perfectly at blending blushes and contours. In such a low price-point my expectations are not high either.


FINAL RECOMMENDATION: I would recommend this brush to someone who is searching for an affordable blush brush for applying powder blushes. Beginners or the people who want to try their hands on powder blushes for the first time will certainly like it.


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