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  • By Guest Writer : Lavanya P


It’s always a pain for working women to decide what to wear. They just can’t slip into jeans and sneakers like college going girls, neither can drape a cotton saree and look like a younger version of Sonia Gandhi. Trouble, trouble everywhere! Now that’s why this sacred thought crossed my mind like ‘Hey, why don’t I write about some stylish and trendy clothing that working women can wear?’ I know, bless me. I will give you ladies a detailed fashion summary so you could easily refill your wardrobe with the most alluring and classy clothing and totally go to work with a casual elegance without any pell-mell!


Top 10 outfits that are going to be your best friends this season


  1. Cropped pants: Yes! The latest trend in clothing now is cropped pants. You can wear a stylish top with geometrical prints, another season’s trend and look like Aphrodite, no doubt. Throw in a pair of your favorite funky earrings and a little mascara, nude lipstick, some blush and as you walk by, heads will inevitably turn!wok1
  2. Suit sets: Although suit sets feel like you have been wearing them since forever, they are still in style and If my guess is right, will always be. Get them suits; peach, pink, lemon yellow are the hottest colors this season. Sport a red lipstick or Kohl filled eyes and nearly-nude lips; You will look like you have been styled by a professional. Take a look at these fantastic suit sets and I bet you will fall in love with them all over again!wok2
  3. Dresses: Ah, dresses, our favorite, aren’t they? When you want to look like a lady at a posh party, dresses are our life boats. They make us go magically from shabby lass to a fair royal maiden. Maxi dresses are currently trending. Matching earrings and a hint of lip color are a total win-win! You can blend in some blush too, to look radiant and glowing. You can choose the dresses according to your body shape and look, here take a look at this amazing collection of dresses!wok3
  4. Skirts: Those who have to attend 8 meetings per week will understand the need of more skirts in their closet. Believe or not, skirts save you from the fashion police. Also, they help you cover and hide those extra pounds! Not all, though, A-line does. Anyway, a neatly pressed cotton shirt along with a skirt, tada! You are ready.
  5. Jumpsuits: Jumpsuits, although not made for everyone, if you are tall and slim, you can go for them! Dark colors are the best if you choose to go for one. Pull in pumps and throw in a cardigan, let your hair down and your inner professional goddess is all ready. The new collection of this season is all ready and you can shop them online!wok4
  6. Kurtis: Kurtis are the best option if you want an indo-western look and for daily wear. You have plenty options in this again. Straight fit, Anarkali, western, short and many more. You can choose cotton Kurtis for a professional look or in other fabrics for a relaxed look. The advantage? You can wear anything without worrying about your body shape!
  7. Palazzo:  Trending? Palazzos. You can wear them under a Kurti, or a shirt, or a T-shirt or any funky top! Again, so many options. A pair of studs, a French plait, pumps and your look of the day is ready. You can always wear red lipstick on Palazzo providing that doesn’t contrast the color of your clothes. Mascara is always welcome. Try it!wok5
  8. Trousers: Trousers are severely ignored after the entry of leggings. But now you can make your own fashion statement with trousers. Straight cut trousers along with a cotton button down shirt is so classic. If you are not a beige and peach person, you can always go for interesting colors in patterns and prints as we talk about prints, geometrical prints are in fashion now!
  9.  Cotton suits: yes, I hear your sigh But cotton suits doesn’t just mean the ones your grandmother wears. There are like, loads of interesting stuff lately, and you can always get them tailored according to your taste. Also, they give you a very desi look. Let your hair down and apply some kajal to complete your look.wok6
  10. Jackets & stoles: Right, I’m talking about the most ignored part of the daily fashion. We tend to ignore them, but sometimes these small pieces of clothing save us from being a fashion disaster. Denim jackets, colorful shrugs are the best friends of monochrome jumpsuits. Stoles brighten your strict office wear. So next time you shop don’t forget them! Pick them from here and you can grab reasonable discount too!


You can always bend fashion according to your comfort, convenience and mood so don’t worry about a look doesn’t go well on you. We always have multiple options so chill and look for the one that suits you the best! Just check your options online and you can save money along with time too! You can get multiple discount offers and coupons. Choose your pick and you can get discounts from here, on almost all the products and at pocket-friendly prices!  


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Lavanya is a blogger at who loves reading both contemporary fiction and classics. She writes fanfiction too, along with blogging. A coffee lover, fashionista and a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe. Proficient at chick-lit posts. Up for a good laugh and a modern day woman who lives her life to the fullest.


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